Mike Davis over surveillance en controle

“So the internet gets to threaten freedom because of the way in which we can all surveil, oppress and jail each other: we are all prison guards now, watching each others’ movements. This is a frightening idea and the right-wing loves it, having some role to play in the policing of immigration and society. Everyone wants to wear a badge in some sense.”

(Occupied London) praatte met de altijd interessante Mike Davis over “Resisting, Subverting and Destroying the Apparatus of Surveillance and Control”.
Het interview dateert van 2007 en verscheen in issue one van (Occupied London). In dat nummer verder onder meer ook Franco Berardi over de “city of panic”, Jean Baudrillard over Disneyworld Company en Antonis V. over de luchthaven als model voor stedelijke ontwikkeling en de ruimtelijke controle die daarmee gepaard gaat.