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Websites in de kijker

nubo – uw data in eigen handen. Belgische coöperatie die betrouwbare open source diensten wil bieden. Transparant; gedistribueerd en met respect voor de privacy.

@ministryprivacy The Ministry of Privacy (Belgium) welcomes you to its official Twitter account. We see you. We see everyone. Managing @Stopvinger

Tactical Tech is an international NGO that engages with citizens and civil-society organisations to explore and mitigate the impacts of technology on society.

Activists and advocates


Access Now defending digital rights around the world  •  AK Vorrat / AK Vorrat wiki / AK Vorrat Videoüberwachung Deutschland  •  Article 19 defending the freedom to speak and the freedom to know  •  Big Brother Watch UK  •  blink the blog of ‘surveillance & society’ on Medium  •  Bug Brother le blog de Jean-Marc Manach  •  Center for Democracy and Technology global online civil liberties and human rights  •  Chaos Computer Club / CCC Event Weblog Deutschland  •  danah boyd : apophenia  •  Der Grosse Bruder Deutschland  •  Digital Rights Fund a small-grants program for the Digital Rights community  •  Digital Rights Ireland  •  Digitalcourage (ex Foebud) Deutschland  •  Digitale Gesellschaft Deutschland  •  EDRi – Digital Civil Rights in Europe  •  Edward Hasbrouck’s The Practical Nomad  •  Electronic Frontier Foundation  •  Electrospaces blog  •  EPIC  •  •  Freedom of the Press Foundation  •  Future of Privacy Forum  •  Global Voices – privacy  •  Global Voices – Surveillance  •  gloria gonzález fuster  •  Hermes  •  La Quadrature du Net France  •  Liberties Civil Liberties Union for Europe  •  Library Freedom Project  •  Netzpolitik Deutschland  •  No CCTV  •  Notes from the ubiquitous surveillance society blog  •  noyb None of Your Bussiness / Max Schrems  •  Open Rights Group  •  Open Rights Group Wiki  •  Panoptykon Foundation ngo Poland  •  Papers Please •  Paris sans vidéosurveillance  •  Patrick Breyer •  Privacy International UK  •  Privacy Lives  •  Privacy Surgeon blog  •  •  Quintessenz  •  Renewable Freedom Foundation  •  Sander Flight  •  Souriez vous êtes filmés France  •  Statewatch  •  Stop smart meters!  •  Surveillance & Society  •  Surveillance Camera Players  •  Surveillance Studies  •  Surveillance under Surveillance CCTV on Open Street Map  •  SurveillanceRights Canada  •  Teach Privacy Daniel J Solove’s Privacy + Security Blog  •  The CCTV Treasure Hunt  •  The Privacy Surgeon  •  Tor Blog  •  Transparent Lives surveillance in Canada  •  VIBE!AT

België en Nederland

Axel Arnbak Nederland (in english)  •  Bits of Freedom Nederland  •  Buro Jansen & Janssen Nederland • België  •  De Verloren Burgers Facebook login vereist  •  Hackerspaces in België  •  •  ik heb niks te verbergen  •  Jaap-Henk Hoepman  •  Karin Spaink blogposts over privacy  •  Liga voor Mensenrechten  •  Ligue des Droits Humains  •  NetPoliticsBeerX #npbx  •  Nurpa Net Users’ Rights Protection Association (BE)  •  Privacy Barometer Nederland  •  Privacy First  •  Privacy Salon België  •  Privacy Training Center privacycafés en meer  •  •  Rejo Zenger blog  • blog  •  Vrijbit Nederland  •  VUB/LSTS

Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit (BE)  •  Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (NL)  •  EDPS European Data Protection Supervisor  •  EDPB European Data Protection Board  •  GDPR Enforcement Tracker (fines and penalties)

Internetvrijheid / Netneutraliteit

En meer ...

CEO Corporate Europe Observatory  •  Constant vzw •  Voidwarranties  •  Belgian Hackerspaces  •  Open Knowledge Foundation developing technologies and tools that strengthen civil society

FOSS » Free and Open Source Software

nubo – Belgische  coöperatie  •  Abelli – Association belge de promotion du logiciel libre  •  CHATONS – Collectif des Hébergeurs Alternatifs,Transparents, Ouverts, Neutres et Solidaires  •  Communia expanding the public domain and refroming copyright  •  Creative Commons share and reuse creativity and knowledge  •  Framasoft / Framablog free software and services  •  FSFE Free Software Foundation Europe  •  Neutrinet a projet to setup an associative ISP in Belgium  • guide to the best open source alternatives  •  Open Source Initiative  •  GNUnet network protocol stack for building secure, distributed, and privacy-preserving applications  • federated personal websites that empower individual sovereignty and a healthy commons  •  Tor Project + Tor Blog

More news and magazines

Boing Boing tag privacy  •  Bruce Schneier on Security  •  Cops in cyberspace blog over politie, opsporing, internet, osint en sociale media   Hacker Noon community @ Medium  •  Naked Security computer security news by Sophos  •  Network World category security  •  SecTechno Information Security Blog  •  Slashdot news for nerds, stuff that matters  •  Slashdot – tag security  •  Techdirt  •  The Guardian / Privacy tag privacy  •  The Guardian tag surveillance  •  The Hacker News cyber security, hacking news site  •  Wired / Danger Room  •  Wired / Threat Level

Meer nieuws

AG Connect – ontwikkelingen, innovaties en achtergronden in de IT  •  DataNews  •  De Standaard – tag privacy  •  NRC – thema privacy  •  Sargasso – thema privacy  •  •  Tweakers – stelt technologie op de proef

Data journalism The ultimate resource for data journalism beginners •  ParlGov Parliaments and governments database  •  Openbaarheid van bestuur (Vlaanderen)  •  Openbaarheid van bestuur (federaal)  •  Piktochart  easy-to-use infographic maker  •    •  KUMU online tool om netwerken in kaart te brengen

Some mailing lists

Unlike Us | Surveillance JISC Mail List | Privacy Forum | Cryptography | iindep hub (members only) | Access on google+ | Overzicht van alle “listes de discussions” (meestal members only) van La Quadrature du Net, waaronder Quadrature_discut (algemeen)

Archived websites

Now defunct or archive only: Migreurop mailing list | Heisse / The H online | Monitoring European Police! | EMSOC | LISS Living in Surveillance Societies | Vasistas? | Code Red | No trust without oversight [Belsec] | Net neutrality in Europe | Notes from the ubiquitous surveillance society

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