CryptoParty in Brussel

Zaterdag 23 maart organiseren Access, EDRi, NURPA en de Brusselse Hackerspace voor de tweede keer een CryptoParty.

We would like to promote the use of privacy enhancing tools in Brussels, the political centre of Europe. Especially with regard to the current European data protection reform, we believe that it is necessary to raise awareness in the “Brussels bubble” for privacy as a fundamental human right. So far, we are planning to focusing on OTR, ToR, encrypting emails, SSL/HTTPS and disk encryption.

Place to be is het kantoor van EDRi in de Belliardstraat 20 (op het 6de verdiep) in Brussel. De CryptoParty start om 15 uur.
Meer info via de wiki of bij de initiatiefnemers.