Wikileaks publiceert deel 3 van de Spy Files

Gisteren heeft Wikileaks het derde deel van de Spy Files gepubliceerd: 249 documenten afkomstig van 92 bedrijven die grof geld (willen) verdienen met de verkoop van surveillance-, controle- en spionagetechnologieën.

“These documents reveal how, as the intelligence world has privatised, US, EU and developing world intelligence agencies have rushed into spending millions on next-generation mass surveillance technology to target communities, groups and whole populations.”

spyfilesUit het persbericht:

“Documents in Spy Files #3 include sensitive sales brochures and presentations used to woo state intelligence agencies into buying mass surveillance services and technologies. Spy Files #3 also includes contracts and deployment documents, detailing specifics on how certain systems are installed and operated.
Internet spying technologies now being sold on the intelligence market include detecting encrypted and obfuscated internet usage such as Skype, BitTorrent, VPN, SSH and SSL. The documents reveal how contractors work with intelligence and policing agencies to obtain decryption keys.
The documents also detail bulk interception methods for voice, SMS, MMS, email, fax and satellite phone communications. The released documents also show intelligence contractors selling the ability to analyse web and mobile interceptions in real-time.”

De Russische nieuwssite had al vroeger inzage in de verschillende documenten en publiceerde al een eerste analyse: New WikiLeaks docs expose secretive, unruly surveillance industry.

“One 2011 document showed how companies such as UK-based Gamma Group, German-based Desoma and Swiss-based Dreamlab are working in concert to “create Telecommunications Intelligence Systems for different telecommunications networks to fulfill the customers’ needs” regarding “massive data interception and retention.””

De volledige Spy Files 3 vind je hier.