NSA onderschept brieven naar Kerstman

nsa-satire-kerstmanSoms kan satire mooier zijn dan de scherpste kritiek. In een quasi perfect geschreven blogpost legt Duffel Blog bloot hoe de NSA brieven van kinderen aan de Kerstman onderschept.

The documents describe an operation known as MILK COOKIES, based out of Fort Meade and run in conjunction with the U.S. Postal Service. COOKIES is the interception of the letters while MILK feeds them through a complex series of algorithms to spot any hidden messages.

Agency director Gen. Keith Alexander had previously testified to Congress in 2011 that the NSA would occasionally collect letters addressed to Santa, but insisted that it was totally accidental and that no one was actually reading or storing them.

The NSA is prohibited from directly monitoring American citizens under both Executive Order 12333 and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. However, because the letters are addressed to the North Pole, which falls outside of U.S. territory, they are considered potential foreign intelligence signals which the NSA is authorized to intercept.

Lees het volledige verhaal NSA Intercepted Children’s Letters To Santa. Inclusief details die zo uit de Snowden Files zouden kunnen komen, het ELFCHELON data center op de Noordpool en zelfs hoe de NSA “routinely hacked Santa’s Naughty and Nice List for any information on world leaders.” Prima kerstlectuur.