Bibliotheek /// Engelstalige surveillance lectuur: de oogst van 2013

Een kleine greep uit de engelstalige boeken die in de loop van 2013 verschenen zijn rond privacy en surveillance.

  • Oliver Leistert: From Protest to Surveillance – The Political Rationality of Mobile Media (Peter Lang Publ., 2013)
    Uitgebreide recensie via Surveillance Studies.
  • Emmeline Taylor: Surveillance Schools. Security, Discipline and Control in Contemporary Education. Milton-Keynes. Palgrave MacMillan. 2013.
  • Kirstie Ball, Laureen Snider (eds): The Surveillance-Industrial Complex. A Political Economy of Surveillance (Routledge, 2013)
    book-ball-sniderThis book examines the intersections of capital and the neo-liberal state in promoting the emergence and growth of the surveillance society. It traces the connections between the massive multinational conglomerates that manufacture, distribute and promote technologies of ‘surveillance’, and the institutions of social control and civil society.Part 1 investigates how the surveillance-industrial complex spans international boundaries through the workings of global capital and its interaction with agencies of the state. Part 2 looks at surveillance as an organizational control process, perpetuating the interests and voices of certain actors and weakening or silencing others. Part 3 shows how local political economies shape the deployment and distribution of the massive interactions of global capital/military that comprise surveillance systems today.
  • supervisionJohn Gilliom and Torin Monahan: SuperVision. An Introduction to the Surveillance Society (University of Chicago press, 2013)
    SuperVision is the first general introduction to the growing field of surveillance studies. It uses examples drawn from everyday technologies to show how surveillance is used, who is using it, and how it affects our world.
  • Josh Cohen: The Private Life: Why We Remain in the Dark (Granta Books, 2013)
    Review in The Observer