AI kan onmogelijk sociale media reguleren

Article19 over waarom artificiële intelligentie ontoereikend is om te reguleren wat er op sociale media gepubliceerd wordt.

“A more significant challenge is posed by the way the attention has been focussed on technological tools like bots and algorithms to filter content.  While useful for rudimentary sentiment analysis and pattern recognition, they alone cannot parse the social intricacies and subjective nature of speech, which are in themselves difficult even for humans to grasp.  The nature of development and deployment of AI tools make the risk to freedom of expression even greater: the presence of human bias in the design of these systems means we are far away from datasets that reflect the complexity of tone, context, and sentiment of the diverse cultures and subcultures in which they function. “

Article19 had eerder ook al een reeks aanbevelingen gepresenteerd over hoe overheden en bedrijven vrije meningsuiting op sociale media kunnen (moeten) vrijwaren.