Privacy Camp 2018

Datum » 23 01 2018
Locatie » Université Saint-Louis, building 119 - rue du Marais Brussel

Privacy Camp 2018: Speech, settings and [in]security by design

Join us for the 6th annual Privacy Camp, just before the start of the CPDP conference. Privacy Camp brings together civil society, policy-makers and academia to discuss existing and looming problems for human rights in the digital environment. In the face of a “shrinking civic space” for collective action, the event aims to provide a platform for actors from across these domains to discuss and develop shared principles to address key challenges for digital rights and freedoms of individuals.

Our theme this year is “speech, settings and [in]security by design”. The two main tracks of the event therefore will focus on the one hand on the security of devices and infrastructure, and on the other hand on areas and policies where legitimate speech is endangered.

Track 01 [in]security of devices
Topics: #statehacking #encryption #surveillance #statemalware #Eevidence #security
The first track will include sessions on state hacking and malware, law enforcement access to user data (so-called “e-evidence”), device security with hands-on tutorials on how to protect your communications better.

Track 02 [in]security of speech
Topics: #uploadfilters #censorship #algorithms #discrimination #accountability #hackingelections #misinformation #propaganda #technopolitics
The second track will include sessions on algorithmic decision-making and discrimination via big data and privacy-invasive measures to censor legitimate speech online, as well as the hacking of democracies via the spread of misinformation and propaganda.

The event is co-organised by European Digital Rights (EDRi), Privacy Salon, USL-B Institute for European Studies and VUB-LSTS. Participation is free. Registrations will open in early December.

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