Peep Culture (2011)

Trailer voor een nieuwe documentaire:

A never-ending spectacle of bodies and souls are baring everything for entertainment, self-betterment, and fame – think Reality TV, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Pop culture has become Peep Culture where we’ve traded privacy for notoriety and reinvented mass culture.  But what does it all mean and how is it changing us? Peep Culture is a one-hour documentary film that is an insightful romp into a world where the internet and reality TV can make you a star.  Youtube and Chatroulette are high-speed versions of lost village life, reconnecting the human tribe in the context of a culture that is celebrity and camera obsessed, when we are not so much connecting as “broadcasting”.  In the age of peep, the challenge isn’t to protect your private life – but how best to capitalize on it!

Gebaseerd op The Peep Diaries (How We’re Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors) van de Canadese schrijver Hal Niedzviecki.