Videotheek /// Screening Surveillance (2019)

Screening Surveillance is een reeks van drie kortfilms die elk een aspect van surveillance belichten. Elke kortfilm vertelt een fictief verhaal dat zich afspeelt in de nabije toekomst en schetst een vorm van (big data) surveillance die grote gevolgen kan hebben in ons dagelijks leven.

  • Blaxites – the story of a young woman whose celebratory social media post affects her access to vital medication. Her attempts to circumvent the system leads to even more dire consequences.

  • A model employee – to keep her day job at a local restaurant, an aspiring DJ has to wear a tracking wristband. As it tracks her life outside of work, she tries to fool the system, but a new device upgrade means trouble.

  • Frames – a smart city tracks and analyzes a woman walking through the city. Things she does are interpreted and logged by the city system, but are they drawing an accurate picture of the woman?

Screening Surveillance
Canada, 2019, duur: 11 à 15 min.
Productie: sava saheli singh
Scenario’s: Nehal El-Hadi, Tim Maughan, Madeline Ashby.
Creative Commons license
Surveillance Studies Center (Queens University)